Sunday is Funday, if you count cleaning as fun.

Cleaning the intake grills.

Sunday was another day with the kids as my wife hunkered down to get through her grad school work and training materials. Often, I take this as an opportunity to have an adventure with the kids, but with me just recovering from a nasty cold and my son sniffley, too, I decided that it was a good day to clean house. We started the day dropping off the kids’ Saba at the train station, and headed home to get started. We worked upstairs to clean under the kids’s beds, we replaced the air filters, and we even fixed the hot water in my wife’s bathroom. We vacuumed, and I scrubbed bathroom surfaces. The kids helped me replace smoke detector and CO detector batteries, and we got the stairs cleaned, too.

Then it was time for lunch and nap after which we headed to the hardware and grocery stores. Upon our return, we hurriedly cleared the floors on the first floor and got the vacuuming done. That leaves sweeping and mopping the kitchen and dining rooms as well as the whole first floor bathroom. Not bad for a day with the kids. The house feels cleaner, and the kids were very invested in all the work we were doing. We even picked 123 tomatoes from our crazy tomato plants.

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