A Break in the Routine, A Routine to Break

Generally, our son gets going in the morning before anyone else wants to be up. We have worked on giving him things to do in the bedroom, but he really wants to run around and be loud. Because he has been sick, I have brought him downstairs when he wakes up for the last few days. There is no point in trying to get him to do something quietly in the room when he is coughing and complaining. The difference is remarkable. He is happy and settled in the morning. Usually, he plays in the play room as I shave and shower, and then he joins me for breakfast. He loves closing the door to the bathroom so that I can have privacy and then opening it up to say, “Daddy, I have to tell you that…”

It is a break from our normal routine, and it is becoming a routine we will have to break. I will be leaving much earlier when I get better and start exercising again. I am sure he will resist going back to old ways.


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