Picking Up the Slack

Our nanny was sick on Thursday which led to a scramble to figure out the afternoon pickups. My son gets picked up from school at 12:30 with the possibility of staying until 3:30. My daughter gets picked up at 2:55 and then has to be taken to her chorus a few blocks away. I was lucky that this was parent/teacher conference day at my school, and I could leave after reporting to the directors at a meeting about the work I had been doing for the week. My wife arranged for a long-standing babysitter who cares for the children of another family to pick up my son at the 12:30 time and take him to their house. I then picked up my daughter, zipped by that house to get my son, dropped off my daughter to her chorus, brought the car home, took a short break with my son, walked over to chorus to pick up my daughter, and then came home to start the whole evening routine. We even stopped in at the library to drop off old books, renew the potty book, and get some new books that are all a bust. Time to order new books again. Then dinner, bath, and bed routine followed. Hope they sleep well.


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