Rotating Snuggles

Friday our nanny was still not feeling well, so I headed out from work early to pick up my son at preschool and then my daughter from her after school class. I was so zonked by the time I got both kids home, that I lay down on the couch and floated between consciousness and lack thereof. As I lay on the couch, my kids took turns climbing up and snuggling with me. For my son, this meant climbing on me with sharp elbows and knees and flopping down on my chest for a few moments until he wiggled off to do something else. Each time, he proclaimed, “I snuggle with you!” nice and loudly in my face.

For my daughter this meant finding a spot next to me and leaning her head against my shoulder. She would lean over and whisper in a very breathy and loud way in my ear, “I love you,” before getting so wriggly that I would let her know that her snuggle was over.

I didn’t get a very restful time, but I did get a lot of love.


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