A Range of Environments

Saturday, while my wife traveled and worked, I took the kids to two very different environments, both of which are very meaningful to me. We started the morning at our CSA to pick up our farm share. This is a comfortable place where the kids know the people, they know the plants, and they are part of the place. The tractors, the chickens, the bins of produce are all familiar in a way that is core to the reasons for us being there. I want my kids to see their food grow, to pick it, and to appreciate the hard work that goes into growing it. I also want them familiar with the sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes of the farm. I want it in their blood, and it is.

The afternoon saw a very different type of experience. We stopped by the Mini Maker Faire in Somerville. Here the senses were engaged not in the earthiness of vegetables, but in the beeps, honks, smokes, and more of tech and fun mixing together. There was a giant, pedal-driven baby carriage, laser powered 3D printers, duct tape spaceships, and much more. For a small gathering of tech and maker enthusiasts, it was a great quick afternoon experience for the kids who were already a bit tired from the morning at the farm.


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