Clothes Angst

I guess it is a luxury to worry about clothes and clothes shopping. It is hard for me not to.

I don’t think clothes necessarily make people act a certain way, but they certainly do engender reactions from those around the wearer. Also, whenever my daughter does put on a sparkly dress or some other “girly” thing, her demeanor does change quite a bit, and anyone meeting her for the first time when she acts like this would have a very strong first impression that is not favorable.

My daughter will be treated differently depending on what she wears. If she has on athletic clothes, people will assume she is a capable athlete. If she wears preppy clothes, other assumptions will be made. If she wears most of the things off the girls’ rack at the store, still other assumptions will be made. When she is old enough to have a strong self identity, she can select whatever wardrobe she wants, but in these impressionable years, I’d like people’s response to her to reflect a belief in her intelligence and her physical abilities. I do think what she wears has bearing on that.


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