Driving the Shopping Cart

The less well designed grocery store cart.

Monday, as my wife toiled away on her schoolwork, I took the kids to the hardware and grocery stores. We had disassembled the sink faucet in the downstairs sink because it was dripping, and we needed to get replacement washers and springs. At the hardware store, to my kids’ delight, there were new two seater carts with steering wheels. The old carts didn’t have steering wheels, but they didn’t have belts, and they didn’t have functional wheels either. This led to them being pretty much useless. The new ones were so much more maneuverable, and the kids broke into gales of laughter as the cart drifted towards obstacles necessitating their manic steering which then just sent them toward new obstacles. It was fun to see how they were steering and then make the cart move in that direction. My daughter was convinced she was really driving the cart.

The grocery store also had a cart for steering, but its design was much more awkward. The car part was attached to the front, the kids were much harder to see, and my son could hang his head out the side in a very dangerous way. The hardware store carts sat the kids right up next to my hands, and there was no hanging out of that one.

Regardless of the cart, the kids had a blast during errand time.


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