Double Booked

I have never been the best at avoiding double booking my time. This has only gotten worse since having kids and now going back to work full time while my wife is working hard on her two major projects. Tuesday, this came around to bite me in the form of my son’s parent-teacher conference at his preschool and the launching of student digital portfolios at my school. Having touched base with my son’s teachers recently and having had my daughter go through the same class two years ago, I feel really comfortable with how my son is doing and the quality of experience he is getting. His teachers are also keeping a wonderful blog that gives me a peak into the activities going on in the class. On the other hand, digital portfolios have struggled to take foothold at my school, and the art teacher identified a good candidate platform for running them more smoothly. She also did the groundwork to create a demo site,  a template, and a presentation on setting up the portfolios. That morning, I assisted her in getting all of the fifth and sixth graders set up with the structure of their portfolios, and I think this year it will work.

I hated missing the conference, but I really would have hated missing this important step in the evolution of student work at my school. I hope that I don’t have to make these types of choices often and that there is a balance of priorities between other things and my children.

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