Nighttime Processor

My son is a nighttime processor. His brain whirls away on new things: climbing, speaking, cutting and gluing. It grinds through the ups and downs of the day: bumps and scrapes, hurt feelings, happy surprises. And maybe most of all, his brain buzzes with the status of our family: is Mommy home, is Daddy leaving, is sister nearby. The result, when these processes reach a critical mass, is a wakeful child who often alerts us to his state with some all out screaming. He has gone through a few phases of this, and he is in one now. He also has a hard time going to sleep when his mind is revved up. He will come to the top of the stairs and call for us to tell us something completely trivial. He just want some attention and contact before getting back in bed. When does this cross the line between a something internal driving him to seek us out to him seeking us out because he can. That is always the tricky thing to figure out.

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