No Tricks, Too Many Treats

I remember the homemade powdered doughnuts my neighbor made prior to the razor-in-the-apple scare. The first Halloween after, the ground outside his house was littered with the scrumptious results of his hard work. After that, he only gave them out to neighborhood kids who loved the tradition and not the raucous adolescents who showed up with no costumes but expected treats to be dropped in their pillowcases.

We are beginning to learn the traditions of our neighborhood on Halloween night. There is one block of a street nearby that goes over the top with decorations. The whole block picks a theme and then decorates their houses. This year it was a seaside town replete with pirates and beautiful jellyfish. My son walked instead of sitting in his stroller, and his gales of laughter at the most odd things was very entertaining.

We arrived home to a late dinner, a bit of crashing from the kids, and the traditional candy sorting. In our house, at least for now, each kid keeps pieces of candy equal to his or her age. I am sure this will stop working some time soon, but for now it does work. The remainders we either eat or contribute to the many places already overflowing with candy. 


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