Our Own Private Superhero

Friday was a long day. I got in early to school, set up a presentation, and worked all day providing professional development for the faculty at my school. After that, I stuck around to work on straightening out the recycling there, as well. The whole week, in fact, has been pretty demanding for both my wife and me. On top of that, the kids were ill earlier in the week, and Halloween happened. While fun, that is not a peaceful time. Needless to say, I was totally wiped by the time I got home.

I arrived to find our own personal superhero in the kitchen directing my kids to help her cook dinner. Wow. Our nanny not only was taking on dinner prep, but she had come in early to collect my daughter from school. It is so nice to have that extra set of hands around to catch the pieces that my wife and I have a hard time with sometimes.


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