Hot and Humid

As the season changes, the air temperature drops and the humidity also decreases. In addition, our forced-air heating sucks any remaining moisture and leaves us all with parched noses and throats right in the middle of flue and cold season. Over the last few years, we have attempted to find a good solution for our humidifier needs. Between warm and cool, warm wins out because the cool mist humidifiers drop the room temperature. Of the many warm mist humidifiers out there, many fail our test because they approach the sound of a steam locomotive arriving in a station. Even the ones marked as quiet sound like a grumpy tea kettle. We have settled on the Vicks One Room humidifier. It is quiet, it doesn’t chill the room, and it is relatively easy to clean. On the down side, the UV bulb that supposedly kills germs is very difficult to replace without damaging the seals as we found on our last one. It deposited a cascade of mineral deposits on the furniture as we learned this lesson. This makes the unit somewhat limited in its life unless one totally discounts the UV bulb as important. The control panel has an intense blue light that I have covered with some light blocking cloth. Other than that, we love it. The tanks are easy to fill, and the whole unit is on the easier side to clean unlike many other models. No humidifier is perfect, but this one is certainly a livable option.


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