Listening to the Poll Results on a Tube Radio

As a child, I handed out my share of political flyers going door to door with my mom. I held signs at polling places, and when the evening came, we turned on the tube radio and waited while it warmed up to give us the updated news about the results. Later, we replaced the tube radio with more updated equipment, but the intensity of listening to the announcers talk about the election results was a very different experience than watching it on TV.

Those miles walked and leaflets passed out helped elect people, especially women, to the school board and the state legislature. This was the 70s and 80s, and we have not moved far enough in having our elected officials represent the range of age, gender, race, and socio-economic diversity in our country. However, it was quite pleasant to vote Tuesday in Cambridge. The ballots for city council and for school committee were very diverse. Of course, I took the children with me, and we all huddled into the cramped voting booth together. I will check on election results before bed but expect final results to trickle in tomorrow. I wonder how my choices fared?


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