Of Pee and Poop and Loud Explosions

Friday night started with an evening off. I had been on solo duty for a while, and it was nice to meet up with friends and do some game playtesting. When I got home to relieve my brother-in-law, everything was quiet. I got myself to be in a timely manner because I would be on in the morning with my wife returning from a trip on a delayed flight. That was all a great plan.

There was one thing that woke me up early on, but I have completely forgotten what that was, because the ensuing events were so much more dramatic. The first hint that all was not right was when the air jets on the tub in our bathroom started hissing with all of their might. We don’t use them as there is a bad leak when the the water level gets over the small holes. I went in to randomly punch buttons on the control panel until it stopped, and then night turned to day in my bedroom as a nearby transformer blew. The light and dark punctuated by booming sounds was fairly spectacular– something akin to being inside a fireworks display. Amazingly the kids did not wake up to this or the ensuing beeping as all of the power conditioners around the house let us know that they were not getting any juice. I am glad for them, however, as any spikes that came down the line did not hit our AV or computer equipment.

Later in the night, power was restored, and I heard more beeping for downstairs. I went down to find my wife fully asleep on the couch with the kitchen and living room lights on and the stove letting us know that it didn’t currently have a clue what time it was and we should attend to it right away.

I finally quieted it with the same random, groggy button pushing that always is a great idea with appliances, stumbled back upstairs to bed, and fell asleep until my son arrived to announce that he had peed. I grabbed some dry pajamas and a new pull-up, undressed him, pulled off his wet pull-up and found that he had done more than pee. The evidence of that was now on the floor after having bounced off my foot. Yeah, it was one of those night.


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