Herd Letterboxing

A view from the observation tower at the parking lot where we started our walk.

The Boston Area JCC Metro North held an event today in which twenty families with young children took a walk in a nature preserve and sought a letterbox. The nature of letterboxing, however, is a little more solitary, so while it was fun to be out with friends and to meet new friends on a beautiful day in nature, the actual letterboxing part of the activity was anticlimactic. A herd of kids converged on the area, and the thrill of finding it was somewhat diminished by the time we got to the box. It did spur me to do more walks in nature with the kids, and letterboxing, as a longtime friend of mine encouraged me a while ago to do, is a wonderful way to focus the kids on an objective for the walk. We will take the notebooks we started, the stamps we received at the start, and make a letterboxing kit to throw in our bag when we step out on an adventure.

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