2.5 Out of 4

This year I had four curriculum nights as well as assorted back to school, parent-teacher conferences, and other events. These spread across all of the schools my family is connected to, and we are each at different schools. I have to prepare and present at my school’s events and attend those of my son’s, daughter’s and wife’s. In terms of curriculum nights, there was one at my daughter’s Kindergarten that I attended until I had to take my son out, one at my daughter’s afterschool program that I attended fully, one at my son’s school that my wife attended, and this evening one at my school. That makes 2.5 out of 4 attended.

Over the span of my teaching career which started in 1993, I have participated in many curriculum nights. In addition, I have had great conversations with educators about reforming this terrible beast. Recently at a meeting of educational technologists, we had a presentation on design thinking, and I would love to apply that to this situation. I would love to get all the stakeholders involved, find out what they really want from the event, and craft a functional, effective, and efficient way of achieving all of those needs.


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