700 and Go To Sleep!

This is post #700 for Dadding Ideas. I don’t actually know what to think of that except that it has been a discipline to do this. I hope it has helped me focus on my parenting, and I hope it has shared things with readers out there.

In the last few weeks, my son has come to the gate at the top of the stairs about half an hour after being put to bed. There, he screams at the top of his lungs. When I open the door and inquire if something is wrong, he tells me, “No.” I ask if he needs a  change, but that is not it. He resorts to, “I want a hug.” This is hard to resist, but after a couple of weeks of it being repeated a few times, it has become so much easier to resist. I was standing at the bottom of the stairs and asking him politely and firmly to go back to bed, but now my wife and I have reached the point of deciding that it is time to stop responding. I hope there is no real emergency, but I am sure my daughter would actually open the gate and come downstairs as she does when there is something really the matter.



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