26 Dollars and Two Tired Kids

We hadn’t been to Haymarket for a while, so I decided that since my wife was heading out on Saturday for a day of work that the kids and I would head downtown to pick up some produce. Haymarket is not a farmers market; instead, the vendors pick up produce from the wholesalers just before the new shipments come in. They can then sell their wares at low prices, about half of grocery store prices, to the people who crowd the lanes between stalls. Today, the air was crisp and cold which made the kids want to go home sooner, but it also kept the produce fresher. We returned home with raspberries, a box of clementines, mangoes, bananas, apples, sugarsnap peas, snow peas, persimmons, a pineapple, and two large pieces of fish. My son had three mangoes in his backpack, my daughter carried the raspberries and peas, and I carried the rest. I think we may have to invest in a rolling cart if we make a habit of this. However, the total cost of the trip was $26, so investing in a cart to do this more regularly is probably good money spent.

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