Quiet Time-Maker Time

I am more and more drawn to the maker movement and even spent my evening listening to Sylvia Martinez talk about how to integrate the maker movement into schools. My daughter has transformed her “quiet time” into her own mini-maker time. When she stopped having naps, she moved to having her block of uninterrupted time to herself while awake. We call this time quiet time, but it is anything but. She sings the whole time unless she is schooling her “children.” And always, she is creating things out of whatever materials she can get her hands on. Often, the projects she creates are things for people in her life: a set of rulers for her Kindergarten class, wallets for the extended visiting family over the holiday weekend, and more. As is always the case, the more I can stop and watch her, the better parent (and teacher) I can be. My daughter is one of my guides in my own adventures into the world of making.


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