Passed Out

When I got home today, the kids and the nanny were not home. I don’t remember going upstairs and crawling in bed, but I awoke to their noise at the time when the nanny should be relieved. I dragged myself downstairs to find that my wife was back, so after a few mumbled incoherencies, I again found myself in bed. I dozed until the kids came upstairs for their bedtime routine at which point they were too loud to sleep through. As my wife got ready to finish their bedtime routine, I woke up and came downstairs. I really don’t want to be trying to sleep as they pop out with different complaints. It was a wonderful break from the usual commitments of the nighttime routine, and I can’t remember the last time I passed out from exhaustion like that. It’s been a full couple of weeks with lice, stomach bug, multiple holidays, family visits, and more heaped on top of each other. Some was good; some wasn’t, but all of it evidently was tiring. My body did what my phone does when there is too little charge–it just shut down. Now I’m all kinds of peppy!


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