My son gave up his pacifiers for his third birthday. This is certainly not a decision he would have come up with on his own, but he bought into it for the most part. His nap ended up being pretty late, and then bed time pushed the concept further. After putting him down, I hung out in the next room. He quickly popped out of the bedroom and tried to engage me in conversation.

“Um, Daddy? I just need to tell you…”

I gently let him know that he needed to stay in bed. I also let him know that I understood he wanted me to stay in the next room, but I wouldn’t be able to do that if he kept coming out. That worked until my daughter started whispering loudly to him and got him worked up again. I then stepped in and told her that I was disappointed in her choices and that she was not supporting my son’s transition in letting go of his pacifiers. I let my son know that I would have to go downstairs if it got noisy again in the room. With those two conditions surrounding my staying in the next room, things got quiet, and he fell asleep allowing me to go downstairs. That worked great.

In the morning, he awoke well before the allotted time to exit the room. He popped out and woke up both my wife and me on two different occasions. I had to head downstairs to get ready to go, and it sounded somewhat loud.


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