Unusual Snow

Unfortunately, the snow overpowered my old shovel. Fortunately, I got the last one available at the local garden center/grocery. The hardware store was completely out.

Usual snow allows for snow angles, jumping about, easy shoveling, and gentle sled rides. Today’s snow, however, had a hard crust of about an inch with slushy wet stuff underneath. To top it off, there was a layer of ice on the ground beneath that. It was fun for my daughter whose weight just barely made the crust break, and it was exciting for my son who usually walked on top of this slippery, uneven surface. It was exciting, but it took him a while to be convinced it was fun. We shoveled the back path and the driveway because some shoveling fairies came and did our front walk this morning. As we were working, we also took pieces of the crust and created an Andy Goldsworthy inspired sculpture. My daughter enjoys watching Rivers and Tides.


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