Sleep Solution

With all of the trauma and fuss around bedtime recently with my son, I knew something had to change. An idea came to me today, and I passed it by my wife before bedtime. Since our son got very upset but then got quiet and went to sleep after we removed our daughter each of the last two nights, I figured we could start bedtime with her out of the room and tell him that she could come back when he had been quiet. We did all of the other things as normal except when it was time to go to bed, my wife put my son down, and I took my daughter into the next room. Predictably, after a short period of quiet, he came to the door crying and wanting his sister in bed. We told him again that he had to be quiet and stay in bed. He did that for a short while and then started making noise again. I went in and fixed his blankets, and told him what a good job he did staying quiet while my wife settled my daughter in her bed. All was fairly quiet and we headed downstairs. A short while later, he was at the gate at the top of the stairs crying, but this time it was because he had pooped. I went up and changed him, and he has stayed quiet for a good while now. This might have solved the getting to sleep issue tonight. It is a short-term solution, but it might grow the habits for a sustainable long-term solution of my son falling asleep with my daughter in the room.

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