Don’t Let the Plane Door Hit You On the Way In.

Today was my birthday, and Facebook did its magic in letting people know. Those simple good wishes throughout the day made things nicer. We started be getting up at 5:00 to race out the door. Even with our early start, we barely made the plane. They were paging us as we rushed to the gate from the security line. I put my belt and shoes back on while waiting in the gangway to board. I sat with the kids in the last row of the plane while my wife, who will be flying back with the kids solo, sat a row ahead and across the aisle. The flight was ok as the militant Christmas celebrator of a flight attendant repeatedly told my daughter she would take her home and asked her what Santa was bringing. We made it to Saint Louis where my kids spent the day enjoying the attention of their grandparents. It was a good, if tiring, birthday.


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