Art on a Cold Day

We had a plan, but then it got really cold. I was to take the kids out in the afternoon to clear some space in my parents’ house for their cousin to have some one-on-one time with her grandmother. My initial thought was running around at a park, but with the temps in the 20s and falling with strong winds, we went to the art museum instead. Just by chance, they were having a Kwaanza children’s activity that included some craft activities and a scavenger hunt through the museum. It was a nice directed activity that allowed us to enjoy parts of the museum without getting bogged down looking at everything. The Kwaanza hunt took us to the new wing that I had never seen and where they have put all of the modern art and to the Latin American and African collections that I spent quite a bit of time enjoying in high school. It was great to be able to walk in the door and enjoy not only the art but the activities for free. The piece that caught our attention most was a wheel made of feathers that rotated. My daughter said that it reminded her of the Earth going around the sun and the seasons.


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