Over the years, many presents have entered and exited our house. My wife and I have made Amazon wish lists for each child to help guide people who don’t know what to get for them. It is fun to find cool things and add them to the list. We often use the lists ourselves when considering things to get the kids.

When people don’t use the lists, it is interesting to see what they think the kids might like. Recently, their grandfather brought a punch-out, cardboard robot for my daughter to construct. They had a great time doing that, and the robot has been a central toy in the kids’ play since. Similarly, my sister gave the kids a magnet from France. It depicts a typical French breakfast. My son is entranced with it and serves us breakfast in bed during all hours of the day.

From the list, we got quite a few things. One of the great hits has been Rolobox, a set of wheels for cardboard boxes. The kids, with our awesome nanny’s help, affixed the wheels to a shoe box that has now become a doll stroller.

The other toy, also given by my sister, from our list that has currently captured the family is a Moomin matching game. We are starting to read the Moomintroll books at bedtime, and I am so happy to be sharing these favorites with the kids. The matching game is made of good quality components, features the characters of the books, and helps build the memory skills of both kids. They love it.


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