A Walk in the Woods

Sunday had a plan, but that was put out of its short, miserable life by my son’s 5:20 AM wake-up call. I stumbled downstairs with him, got him his breakfast, and slumped over on the couch. Usually, he finishes his food and heads off to the playroom for some solitary play. Today, however, he needed to check in every five minutes or so, and this lead to a tortuous half waking and half sleeping several hours until I tapped out and had my wife take over at 8:00. This was earlier than she had wanted to get up, so we were both grumbly about the day. Our plan to go to a community event around 10:00 seemed still reachable, but my wife decided not to wake me. She then headed off to get some work done after I woke up, and I was left with a sunny, warmish day to figure out. After I had a very late breakfast, we packed a picnic lunch and drove to a nearby park that is big enough to hike but conveniently right next to the highway. It is certainly not the wilderness, but there are trees, moss, boulders, and all the trappings of nature. The kids loved the hike and the picnic. 

We had fun looking for white blazes on trees and rocks so that we would stay on the trail.

Where we stopped to have lunch.

A small pond with ice on the bottom.

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