A Cart, A Market, and a Whole Lot of Snow

Saturday was an adventure day. My wife needed the head space to get some work done, so I took the kids out in the late morning. The rain quickly turned to a mix of rain and snow as we walked to catch the bus. At our local hardware store, I finally got a wheeled shopping back, and it was immediately wonderful. The days of being able to stick everything under the stroller are gone, but the need to transport stuff hasn’t. Thus with two walking kids, the wheeled bag is a great invention. We chose a bright orange one.

We then hopped on the T and headed downtown. After a short leg on a second train, we made our way to Faneuil Hall to have lunch. The place was packed, but we managed to score a table quickly and munched down our homemade meal while thick snow fell and accumulated on the trees and rooves. Already, I had taken my potty-training son to the bathroom two times with no results, and I was getting a bit nervous about the next leg of the journey. We tried again after lunch with no better luck.

We walked to Haymarket which is an open air produce market open on Fridays and Saturdays. The vendors buy up close-to-expiration goods from the warehouses before their new deliveries come in. They then turn around and sell mounds of produce for well less than half the cost of a supermarket. We loaded up our new rolling cart with veggies, fruit, and even a nice piece of fish. It was really fun darting through the gaps between tents where small snow swirls formed.

The train ride home was fine with my son trying to nod off. Finally we made it to the T stop where I knew he would need to take a break, but there was a homeless man sleeping in the stall. We tried to make it above ground to a store nearby, but he finally let loose his bladder on the escalator. We then had a quick changing session in the Au Bon Pain nearby before heading home. I hadn’t brought socks, so he walked home with bare feet in his rain boots. That was not comfortable.


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