A Gap

It has been a while since I put words to the page in this blog, and the break has been nice. A gap of another kind was momentous enough to bring me back. My daughter lost her first tooth. There has been growing excitement in the house as the tooth became more and more wiggly. She was cautioned not to wiggle it too much before a scheduled family portrait outing, but once that was over it was full wiggle ahead. Today, it finally came out.

I packed an apple in her lunch, not thinking that it would be a good tooth extraction device but  more because we didn’t really have much else to put in the lunch. As it happens, when she bit down, the apple held onto her tooth harder than her mouth. A nice lunch helper tucked the tooth in a lunch receipt envelope, and my daughter probably won’t remember much of anything else that happened today.

When my wife asked her about the tooth fairy and what she was expecting, my daughter thought that she would save up money from the fairy to buy a book at the spring book fair. She mentioned the Sneetches, so we are ordering the book (no store nearby had it). In place of the money or the book, I made a card with an attached poem:

12805099695_a195fb024fTo Rose whose first tooth has come out,
The Sneetches give a big shout.
You have a hole, a gap, a place that once was,
You’ve shared your excitement and there’s quite a buzz.
You can poke out your tongue as you give a big smile,
Your grin grins a grin with a whole new-fangled style.
So for this first tooth, I’ll just have to look
and find you a copy of a favorite book.

The Tooth Fairy


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