Big Changes

IMG_1190These last two weeks have been spring break at my school. Amazingly, it is not my childrens’ spring breaks, so I have had time at home to do some projects. The first three days of my allotted 10 were spent taking care of sick kids. After that, I got rolling. I have had to discard ideas of working in the yard until today or tomorrow because the ground has been frozen solid. However, there is much to be done in the house. My desk has lived under mounds of projects yet to be started, and the kids’ playroom has succumbed to the entropy that their development brings. Many infant and toddler items take up space around the house, and those have to go to make way for the new. Throwing away the tattered diaper bag that was given to me by may amazing community at the Atrium School over six years ago brought the memories back. Also going out the door is the changing table; our dining room might start looking like a dining room! In the kids’ playroom, I added some paper storage for projects and blank construction paper. A dry erase board and some steel surfaces for posting pictures also added to the room. Even small changes make a difference. I hung a rope below the handrail on our stairs to the third floor. Now my son can hold on to something as he climbs these stairs, and we can let him do that without adult supervision. We are indeed moving up with greater speed and independence.


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