13802083233_7327717e08_b Today was a mid-Spring day. Unfortunately, we really didn’t get much of early Spring in Boston. I am afraid my peas, carrots, and beets will suffer for that, but luckily we don’t plan on subsisting on the produce from our garden. Today, the kids and I went out into the short-sleeves heat and “worked” in the garden. For my daughter, this consisted of drawing our family on the sidewalk in chalk and then joining in occasionally to help as I got the raised bed ready for planting. My son engaged in picking up sticks, so I gave him a yard waste bag to put them in. That will help when I go to mow the lawn. The kids carried the PVC poles for the raised bed and set them in their holes, and then I got to work attaching netting to the poles. Last year, I did this for the first time, and our garden was able to grow unmolested by bunnies. The mechanism I created for lifting the netting, however, was very cumbersome. This year, I attached a piece across the top and then hung four pieces down the sides. The bottoms of these pieces are attached to PVC pipes that fit on screws along the outside top of the raised bed. Last year, I just had one piece that wrapped around the whole structure, so to open one side, three adja13802070755_54bbd5058f_bcent sides had to be loosened. This year, I am just joining the mesh together by clamping it on the pole with inexpensive hand clamps. I am excited to see if this makes access to the garden much easier for humans but still impossible for cottontails and other varmints. The kids helped me plant three rows of peas, one of beats, and two of carrots.

Next, we will build one more raised bed to use up the compost in our bins. Our city has just begun a pilot compost program which is great. I was running out of space to put the compost once it had finished composting!

(This is my 750th post!)

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