Strides in Riding

My son zoomed around last year on a glider bike and was very ready for his transition to a pedal bike. In addition, his preschool has tricycles that the kids steer around a basement playspace at ridiculous speeds. He is able to do the same on his bike, but stopping is still an art that eludes him. He comes by this naturally as I also learned to ride long before I learned to stop. I used to just jump off my bike hoping to hit the grassy hills on the lawns in front of houses on my street. I often did, but I occasionally hit the stairs instead. My daughter has been much more hesitant about riding, and has finally hurdled her fear through some intense intervention on the part of our nanny and me. She can now ride with some level of confidence, and I imagine that we will be able to take trips on the bike path this summer. I am really looking forward to these adventures.


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