Today, our wonderful downstairs neighbors moved out. We have really enjoyed having them, and luckily they are only moving a short distance away. The moving truck, however, was massive entertainment for the kids. With my wife under the weather, I ended up not getting much sleep. My son slept in until 6:00 which is startlingly late for him but still earlier than I wanted to get my motors running at full speed. My daughter made her way down a little later. I tried to stay conscious and help them with their mornings, but I crashed out so hard that my daughter woke my wife up to help her with milk for cereal. Ooops. It is my morning to deal with such things.

Deciding there was no place for me to comfortably snooze, the kids make quite a racket that leads to a headache if sleep is attempted, I was beginning to wonder what I could pull out of my sleeve to keep them occupied when the moving truck pulled up. From that moment on, the kids were glued to the window commenting on the process and turning it into songs. I retreated into the office to get a bit of work done during this several hour break.

Yay for those experiences that are new again through the eyes of children.


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