Father’s Day Brick

So far, this Father’s Day has been pretty nice. The kids slept in until about 6:30 which is late for them. My wife then took them downstairs while I woke up at a leisurely pace and did some mild stretching. We then headed out to a nearby diner before the rush and had a nice breakfast in a relatively quiet restaurant–just how I like it. After that, I did some gardening with the kids; we planted wildflowers, pulled up ivy and bushes, bagged yard waste, and planted sunflower seeds.

After a quick lunch, the best thing, as of this writing, happened. I took an empty bin from the storage unit in the play room and filled it with the LEGOs from my childhood. The kids eyes widened as the bin filled to the top. We set them up with the pieces on the floor of their bedroom, and it has been pretty quiet up there since. I have immeasurable joy in sharing these favorite toys of my youth with my kids. I spent hours with these and have added to the collection over time, as well. There are all kinds of thinking skills that come from building with LEGOs, and that is a nice benefit. However, the biggest source of joy was watching them eagerly dive into the same pieces that kept me building my imagination all those decades ago.


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