Building a Dinosaur

Art supplies are scattered around the playroom, and my son is now old enough to use them with less or no supervision. It was time to consolidate them and make them more available to the kids. After some research, my wife and I settled on the dinosaur easel from Kidcraft. We already have a play kitchen set from them, and we know what we are getting in terms of quality. Kidcraft makes very functional kid furniture with fun designs, but they are by no means the top of the line. Materials are budget but sturdy for the most part.

14601251067_3cc8c168b1_zFirst we unpacked the box and separated the pieces. The kids had a blast sorting the pieces into piles of different sizes, colors, and other qualities. I just made sure I got the hardware kit and kept track of it.


Next, we started following the directions one step at a time. It was neat to see how a 6 year-old 14787423372_5b48a0182d_zand a 3.5 year-old interpreted the illustrations in the directions. Both kids had turns inserting the screws and anchors and turning the wrench to tighten them up. I only had to do a slight further tightening on both of their work. One piece needed a hole redrilled, but otherwise all pieces were there and in good shape. When it was all said and done, the kids were very proud of their work.

We have now been using it for about a week, and they love the freedom to paint and even stand next to each other and paint on the same page together. I had moved the paper bar from the dry erase side to the chalkboard side because we really don’t want chalk inside the house, but the dry erase board ended up being inferior quality. I have now purchased a magnetic dry erase board to put over the one that came with the easel.




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