Musical Furniture

The arrival of the large easel initiated a cascade of furniture moving. Today, the whole family participated in:

  • disassembling the Ikea sleeper couch, taking it down stairs, and handing it off to our neighbors. Bye, bye couch. In the end it only served as a clean laundry sorting center.
  • Moving clothing storage bins and a bookshelf to where the couch had been.
  • Bringing up the play kitchen and doll house to add to the opportunities to play in the kids’ bedroom.
  • Taking down the train table sans trains and blocks which stayed in the bedroom. The train table is too big for our spaces and will be sold along with the glider that we also removed from the kids’ room.
  • Rearranged the sofa and a bookshelf in the playroom to make space for the easel.
  • Moved the easel in from the dining room to the play room.

Oh, and I helped put the couch together in my neighbor’s room and helped her and her boyfriend take out their old school sleeper sofa–the kind that weighs a ton to the curb.

So we didn’t go out today, but the kids and we are totally bushed. It was fun doing this project as a whole family and having their input into the process as we went. We built in space for twin beds that we need to get as my daughter has outgrown her toddler bed. We also left room for a DESK!


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