Show Me the Money!

For Hanukkah, we purchased replacement wallets for the kids. They both had wallets, but somehow they have gone missing. I am sure a deep cleaning of the house would turn them up along with multitudes of other things, but for now, it was an easy win to get these. Both kids had been intermittently asking for a while.

Reuben got a ladybug wallet, and Rose a butterfly.

 We also purchased a toy coin changer. This is a throwback to the old metal coin changer that was an integral part of many games at my friend’s house when I was a kid. She had an old, battered, metal one that probably spent time attached to the belt of a trolley conductor. I loved how it dispensed a coin each time a lever was pressed. The one we got for the kids is plastic, but their excitement when using it mirrored the many hours my friend and I played with her coin changer.


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