At Their Speed

16339260226_615e3374e2_zSnow has finally arrived in Boston. This time around, it was quickly followed by a rain and sleet mix making the snow heavy and wet, but the kids don’t mind. To them it is snow. We went out in the back yard and driveway where the kids shoveled and played in the snow. They were so eager to shovel, but the weight of the snow quickly ended that. Snow angels, however, were placed all over the yard. Then we built a snowman, the item of greatest excitement, but it collapsed under its own weight soon after we finished it. Luckily, we are forecasted to have a significant amount of snow over the next few days.

Today, I took the kids on a walk down to the local stores. They walked the whole way there and almost all of the way back along the ridge of snow next to where the paths have been shoveled. I made sure to let them know that too close to the street was not good and knocking the snow down onto the freshly shoveled paths was also not good. Other than that, they were free to take their time to climb and stomp. This walk usually takes 15 minutes, but today it took a good 45 each way. There was no rush, and it is what they both wanted to do.


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