It’s Snow Fun

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Rose and I managed to get some sledding in earlier during this winter of snow. Reuben, however, was inside suffering from what seemed to be an unending cold. Finally, he was ready to venture out, and he needed to with an excess of energy to burn. We spent a while in the back yard making our “igloo” and tunnel. I saw a documentary a while ago that showed igloo builders using a simple flat saw to make the blocks from the snow, so I grabbed a saw and tried it out. Clearly, we do not have subarctic conditions here even though people complain that we do. The snow is not the same. However, once the top foot and a half was removed, the bottom foot of snow was quite serviceable. I found this out as I made the igloo, so there are several layers made of much more crumbly snow. I had to mound up snow around it so the walls would not fall outward. Hopefully this next snowfall will help cement the thing together.

The other thing we did was make a “tunnel.” While the igloo had not top, the tunnel had no exit. It was really a small space scraped out of the snow for Reuben to back into. He loved it, though, and I sure got a workout building these two things. Reuben helped and was so excited to finally have an igloo and a tunnel just like in his book, Blizzard.


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