New Routine

Out of desperation, new routines are born. Two nights ago I was in the middle of another solo parenting dinner, bath, bed evening. There have been a fair number of these recently as Reena’s work has been a bit intense. I got them through the dinner and bath part earlier than usual and just couldn’t deal with almost an hour of very loud singing of the same songs, making the same noises, and general irritability at each other and the world that is the hallmark of those minutes before crashing.

So I put them to bed ridiculously early, told them that they could read in their own beds without taking to each other (which I am sure they ignored), and that they could go to sleep when they were tired.

It worked. They stayed upstairs instead of coming down five times like the night before when I put them to bed at the correct time. They not only stayed up all evening, they even slept in the next morning!

This is night three of the new routine. Last night I did the same thing, and tonight, they are in bed closer to their normal time with permission to read. We shall see how this evolves, but for now it is a wonderful change.


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