Not a camp for dads, but a camp run by dad. I had grand visions in my head for what I would do this week with the kids with no outside schedule except for a meeting Reena and I had to attend Monday afternoon. On Sunday, I held a planning session with the kids to create a list of the possibilities. Chinatown, camping, beach, Seacoast Science Center, and much more populated the list.

18913820384_209c0c7b45_zMonday’s shortened time lent itself to taking the kids downtown to experience dumplings at Chinatown. Rose has been asking for this for months. We managed to stumble upon the same restaurant we visited a while ago and ordered what I thought would be a reasonable amount of food. Turns out their appetizers are enough to feed at least one person. We left full, happy, and with a lot of take home food.

19349895729_fc4e1a6ec8_z19540641891_39ca87bdc1_zTuesday saw us hop in the new car and drive up to the Seacoast Science Center. What a great little interpretive center about the ocean. Very doable with young children, and it is right next to some lovely rocks to clamber around. There are some nice beaches and other spots in the area, so I could easily envision a day trip up to Portsmouth to spend the day on the water there.

Wednesday was supposed to feature thunderstorms, so I planned a day of getting house work done and building a robot. We started organizing the kids’ playroom and only got as far as sorting out their bins. Much more work to do there, but the main part that they have to curate is done. In the afternoon we selected the Mbot out of a few choices of robots to build. 18913882614_590ab4acd3_z19536434075_b3b19accb2_z19529711282_7c0128d0ce_zYes, I am a geek dad. The Mbot was a recent Kickstarter that allows the kids to build the robot, control it with a remote, program it with Scratch, and more. For a 7 and 4 year old with adult guidance, the build was easy enough to be feasible but challenging enough to be interesting. There were a few issues with the overall good directions that probably were addressed online. We were going to program the Mbot on Thursday, but we still haven’t done that.

Thursday ended up being a yardwork and more housework day. The morning was mostly filled with tackling the yard to make it a bit more presentable and running all the loads of dishes and laundry that had piled up.

19403969599_aab4b9c9b4_z19564300156_3b934987c9_z 19402477268_c8094691cb_zFriday was the great adventure of visiting a Boston Harbor Island. Due to timing and facilities, I chose to get tickets to visit Georges Island. It was a good first island to visit in the harbor. There is a direct ferry to it and one other, and there is a big old fort there that is fun to explore. We caught a 10:00 ferry to the island and wore our raincoats for a bit of warmth in the chilly morning. By the time we arrived, it had become sunny and warm. We spent the day exploring cool, dark rooms inside and walking the hot ramparts above. When we left on a 3:00 boat, we were hot, happy, and tired.


Did I do all the journaling and other things I wanted to accomplish? Not in the slightest. In the end, I think the kids had a wonderful experience, and so did I.

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