The Cost of a Pony Ride

20982144758_785747a59f_z 20983244909_a8cfe38b86_zToday we went apple picking. The peaches were still in season, too, so we swiped one as we climbed up the hill to the designated apple picking area. This year, we arrived at about 9:30 or so, and we avoided the massive crowds we encountered last year. Also, being so early in the season helped, though we were concerned about holiday weekend traffic that did not show in the end.

This year, we were able to add pony rides to the ticket because they weren’t already sold out. In fact, we were the second family to get a ride, and there was no crowd. The ponies were not tired, the pony handlers were chipper, and we had finished our apple picking. Each ride amounted to two times around a small paddock. Both kids got on the ponies with less fuss than we thought might occur. The two ride attendants were wonderful at making the kids feel comfortable the whole time. Both wore pretty big smiles.

Looking just at the cost, the rides are ridiculously priced, but there are layers. The kids, who both tend to be cautious, both loved the experience and had little trepidation through the whole thing. For me it was an exercise in shushing the inner voice that wants value for money spent. And for the kids, it was another opportunity for us to model that spending money for fun, ephemeral things is ok. These things work their way into our memories and impressions and leave such a longer lasting impression that we realize.

So, the ride was priced just right. This time.

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