This Dad

I hope to add to the volume of media about being a father. There is an unending sea of literature out there about mothering, and most parenting books are aimed at women. Some even are fairly dismissive of men as caregivers, and comments I regularly get about “helping out mama for a day” or “Oh, a daddy’s day out” when I am just going about my business co-parenting make me want to do my constructive bit to help change the dialog around fathers as parents. There are some quality fathering blogs and resources out there, and this blog is not meant as a replacement to those; rather I hope to supplement and augment them. I hope to add to the volume and create another resource dads out there looking for like-minded folk can find and enjoy.

One response to “This Dad

  1. Hi Dan! It’s Tara from the fftp office where I spend Tuesday afternoons with Nina. Always one of the best parts of my week. 🙂

    So we’re wondering if we might link to one of your posts from our blog, and if you might be willing to do the same for us. What does your blogger think? Your tech person? How best to benefit our readership as well as our reach?

    Really nice to see you Sunday, and nice reflection in your post.

    Be well.

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