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Socks and Rows

My son’s socks are beginning to make impressions on his feet, so it is clearly time to get some new ones. We did this on Sunday morning arriving at Target well before the shopping rush. Getting out of the house allowed my wife some quiet sleep time, and after quickly getting the socks in the cart, I pushed the double cart around the store as we looked at just about everything there. To forestall incessant begging, I let the kids know we weren’t buying anything else. If requests were made, then that would be the end of the time at the store. This worked pretty well, and it killed quite a bit of time.

There are lots of rows of things at Target.

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Work Day at Son’s School

The school my daughter attended and now my son will start on Tuesday has two parent work days each year. The first of these was on Saturday, and I was looking forward to hanging out with the parents and teachers of the school. I won’t have many opportunities to be part of the community, but it was wonderful to see familiar faces and meet some new ones. I did some tasks around the school, ate some pizza for lunch, and generally felt good about the time without really breaking a sweat. One thing I was really happy about was that the supply and storage closet that I organized last year has stayed fairly tidy and supplies were much easier to get to this year.

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Meditation on Yardwork

Mulched blueberries, trimmed bushes, mowed lawn. It will look good for a few days!

Suddenly everything is lush and green outside. This is wonderful, yet at the same time, it means there is a lot in the yard to take care of. With cold and wet weather along with the regular business of life, I have not done much yardwork this year until now. Sunday changed that. I did the basic mow and trim and then set in on a project to thin out an evergreen bush that had been damaged by the winter’s snows. I used some of the clippings from that to mulch the new blueberry bushes in hopes that the clippings would provide more acid to the soil as they broke down as well as help retain some of the water that now just runs over the dry earth around the bushes.

It is a lot of work, but it is also in the sun and fresh air, among the birdsong and plants. It is not with my children. And this makes it a meditation of sorts. It is a chance to clear my head and to accomplish something very concrete and attainable.

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A Day of Work and Malware

On Friday, I was given the rare gift of a day to work at home on the many projects that crowd my desk and pile up in unused spaces in the house. One of my biggest tasks was on my computer, but when I sat down to get started, I was assaulted by some malware that had imbedded itself in my computer. It took much of the morning to eradicate it which was not how I planned my time at all. Hmph!

I did manage to get a few lighter tasks done as my computer chomped through scans in safe mode. I ended up hacking up the registry to get the thing out and to enable the malware removal programs to do their job.

Hopefully it is gone, now, but unfortunately, so is much of the morning.

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Being Together

Monday was a busy day that did not result in anything new. Rather, it was food shopping, dish washing, laundry washing, and other assorted errands and chores. I did manage to change around a few drawers in the kitchen and sell an old baby gate on Craigslist. Lots of busy work. It was all done in the company of my son and at his speed. He was with me to drop off my daughter, to return a part to the plumbing store, to visit my former school, to get groceries and laugh hysterically as he put the items in the cart, and throughout the day. And that is an amazingly fulfilling way to spend the day. Together.

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Snow Day (Part 2)

Saturday was all about moving snow around. I spent the morning making a path from the garage, around the far side of the house, and along the front walk. I started in on the driveway up to the first of four cars parked there. I also helped clear the neighbors’ paths on both sides of the house.

After taking a break, I took my daughter outside. She shoveled a bit and then we made a trail in the back yard. At the end of the trail was a natural burrow made by our evergreen trees. We deepened the burrow and stomped a path to it. After that we visited some neighbors and played in their yard for a while.

That is the top of the hedge next to the snow blower.

Then it was move the cars and the rest of the snow. My neighbors helped in this process during which I gently bumped the new car against the old car. This new car is cursed, but I don’t think the damage was too bad. All the cars are back in the driveway. I am really glad that my downstairs neighbor did the last bit of snow blowing. My arms are just about falling off.

Tomorrow is sledding day!

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Fresh Start

Wednesday I was home with the kids. Originally, I thought it was going to be a normal Wednesday. My daughter, however, had a persistent fever, and my wife had a meeting she could not skip. I set up a day of working from home so that I could get something done while my daughter recuperated, but then my son’s nanny share partner informed us that their son was ill/food poisoned. Thus, I would be home with two children. In the mean time I had emailed work to let them know that I would be out and separately emailed some teachers to offer phone support during the day. One emailed me back reminding me that we didn’t start back until Thursday. Wow, that took some pressure off the situation.

Thursday was a day with both kids home. I used it to get the house clean. We have too much dust and too many germs floating around here. Got some fresh air in, got the floors and surfaces cleaned, and I even found some objects that had fallen behind dressers and changing tables many months or years ago.

My daughter seems to have been fever free all day, but my son ran a small fever in the morning. Once this cold is done and the house is fully clean, it will be a fresh start. How appropriate with the new year.

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