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Fast and Sweet

Tuesday is a day that I have some flexibility in the evening routine. This Tuesday, I was tired from school and then the yoga for teachers class that some parents at my school teach. However, my wife and kids were headed over to a neighbors for a hamentashen making evening. I took the T and got there to see my daughter happily spooning jam in the middle of dough circles and pinching the three corners shut. She was having a blast. My son had found the play stroller; he really loves pushing play strollers around. After a few bites of pizza, making some hamentashen of my own, and talking with the various people there, we headed out. It was such a nice way to come home from school to this little piece of community and togetherness.

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Parents’ Night Out, At Home

On Wednesday evening, my wife and I hosted a dessert potluck for the parents of my daughter’s classmates. The event started at 8:00 which gave me time to get home from a meeting ending at 7:00. My wife did a tremendous job getting the house cleaned up for the shindig.

My daughter was part of a small contingent of children who were moved into an older group, so there are a significant number of parents and children in her class who I don’t know. It was really nice to finally meet some of these folks who I see during drop off and pick up. It was also nice to have a night of socializing without having to leave the house or find a baby sitter. The kids slept through what at times was a loud gathering. Cleanup was fairly quick and painless, and we were already home at the end of the evening.

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Slowly Building Community

The neighborhood in which we live is bursting with young families, and yet it only just feels that we are building community. One thing that has helped is that one of our neighbors with a daughter just a bit younger than our own often hosts parties and is a social hub. With this family, we have started a babysitting co-op which is slowly chugging along. On Saturday, we had another get together to which two other families joined us.

My daughter’s preschool has also been the source of some community. There are a bunch of wonderful families with whom we have made connections.

It is slow partly because the culture in Boston is not overly conducive to networking, but also it is slow because having two kids makes it hard to get out and do things.

These things, however are steps in the right direction, and I feel that it will slowly gain momentum and become a strong community for us.

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