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Closing Ceremonies

My daughter rarely watches T.V. and even more rarely watches it live. The vast majority of her video watching has been one movie she likes to watch when she is sick; it is about bugs.

This year’s Olympics was an opportunity to show her amazing athletes, many of them women, performing sports at the highest level, but somehow that slipped by. I have been watching recorded events in the evening after putting the kids to bed, so my daughter missed the 2012 Summer Olympics and an opportunity to see these people in motion, in peak athletic form. It was not intentional to pass by this opportunity; it is just that our routines do not include T.V. during the day, so I didn’t think about it until the very end. The last few days were not as filled with events and had much more silly coverage of American reporters explaining things British.

It is a reminder to me that there is value in having my daughter and son see some things on T.V.

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