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Mini Maker Faire

Built from a kit, a kid was demoing this computer controlled egg painter. One of his eggs had a map drawn on it.

Saturday afternoon the family visited Maker Faire, Somerville. My daughter was excited by the trebuchet, the car with a silver deer head hood ornament, and many other things there. I loved the big learn-to-solder station for kids. Soon, my daughter will be old enough to try that out. In the mean time, she can peruse all the booths and get inspired to make robots and anything else she puts her mind to.

I particularly enjoyed the three pendulum harmonograph. I have been hankering to build on of these for year, and this might have been the impetus to do so once my current furniture and office rearranging is finished.

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A Pin on a Map

A toaster robot from the amazing display

When I moved to Boston from St. Louis, I struggled with what was not here. I still do miss, terribly miss, some of the things I left behind. Yet I am here, and if I devote much of my energy focused on what is missing and what I lost, I do not truly give my new home a chance to be a positive place. This struggle is getting easier as community is building around my children and their friends’ families. In the midst of trying to wrap my head around this issue, I read Staying Put: Making Home in a Restless World. In this book, the author focuses attention on the natural world around him, and this I have done to some extent in my new environment, though there is always room for more of that. Layered upon that, in addition, is all of the human stuff. Some of this I love: subways, easy access to recycling, great professional development. Some of it doesn’t thrill me: driving, fast paced life.

I treasure the moments that shine a brilliant spotlight on what makes this place wonderful, and my walk home from the subway station did just that for me on Tuesday. The display windows on the CVS in Davis Square are always filled with art, and I often stop to look at the works of the local artists that pass through on a regular basis. On Wednesday, there was a collection of Steampunk inspired stuff in a beautifully designed display that included sketches, sculpture, packing crates, and written notes. The premise was old inventions unearthed from the patent office and shipped to an office here where workers tried to document them. I can’t wait to take my daughter to see this and share my love of art, of quirky ideas, and of this place in which we live.

a figure in its packing crate with documentation

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My daughter loves paint, she loves cutting with scissors, she love Play-Doh. As she grows in her independence and ability to use some of these materials without careful hovering supervision (that is without fear of major home redecoration or incidental amputations), the trick becomes how to store them where she can get to them with permission and still have them out of reach of the one year-old who is still moving out of the stick-everything-in-the-mouth phase.

Along similar lines, we finally removed the barricades that have been protecting the media center from the over zealous exploration of our son. When he first could pull himself up to standing, he reached for the T.V. controls and happily turned it on and off. He also has the propensity for banging things with various toys, some made of hard wood. This probably would not be so good for the T.V., so we put a row of chairs, foot stools, and an old exersaucer blocking access to that area. Recently he has more reliably responded to, “No thank you,” and as a result we are able to change our child safety measures.

It is amazing how rapidly children are ready for new configurations of their world and how they quickly grow to fill the spaces provided for them.

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