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A Radiator Cap. Really?


Today was slated to be the drive between Boston and Philly. Having met only minimal resistance on the Tapanzee and no traffic to speak of before that, we though things looked up. The NJ Turnpike was stop and go. We finally got off to explore a different route. Stopping for a snack, I saw steam/smoke coming from the hood. Upon opening it, I found no radiator cap and lots of fluid vaporizing in a hot engine. The idea of being stranded in NJ, amidst horrible traffic and with an ill daughter and cranky son was disheartening. Amazingly, the building where we stopped turned out to be an auto parts store, and they even had the right radiator cap. With new fluid in, the cap on, and many thanks to the really nice guy at the store who helped us, we navigated a route that avoided most of the traffic and got to Philly just in time.

What could have been a truly horrendous trip turned out to be merely arduous with a few touches of absurd and even enjoyable thrown in. Our lunchtime picnic was very nice.

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