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Beach Day, Again

Thursday rolled around, and we went to the beach, again. This time, it was a beautiful small cove near a friend’s house where my writing group was meeting. I got a chance to hang out and talk a bit and then spend time with my kids at the shore. They reveled in the smooth stones, soft sand, and many shells. There were the usual types of shells complemented by crab and horseshoe crab shells. The crab shells transitioned from gold to a deep maroon. Each child spent time in the water, and both eventually went deeper than their bellybutton.

On the drive home, my son took an hour nap, and the kids were zonked that evening.

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Toes in the Water

Revere Beach

Sand, shells, and rocks in abundance.

On Monday, my wife took my daughter to her five year checkup and then to school. This gave me the opportunity to take my son on a morning adventure without having to drop off my daughter to school first. We walked to the T and hopped on a succession of trains–red, green, and then blue–until we found ourselves at Revere Beach. Early in the morning, it is pretty empty, and the ocean was out to a very low tide. We took off our shoes and walked across the warm sand to the water’s edge where we laughed as the wavelets washed over our ankles. Revere is a great beach for kids with small waves, a very shallow incline which keeps the water shallow pretty far out, and an abundance of shells, rocks, and seaweed. Sometimes, it is a bit full of trash, but this early in the season it was reasonably clean. We walked just inside the wave’s furthest reach ensuring plenty of toe-covering splashes, and we dropped stones and shells in the butterfly backpack that my son insisted on carrying during this trip. After our walk along the beach, we took trains back to Cambridge to pick up my daughter from preschool and then headed home for lunch and nap. I write this as my son enters his second hour of sleep, and I hope I wore him out enough for a really nice, long nap–for him and for me.

“Toes in water, again?” was my son’s question as we headed away from the beach. You bet toes in the water again.

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Spontaneous Serendipity

Recently, we have been taking outings of a less planned nature, and the results have been good. The trip to IKEA was not very planned. Since then, I have taken my daughter to the beach, and on Saturday, we all walked to Davis Square where there happened to be a street fair going on.

The beach trip was an attempt to get my wife some work time. I took my daughter out to the beach, a trip that involves three different trains. While there, we saw the remains of a sand sculpture contest that had been eroded by a rainstorm, lots of shells and rocks, people, and quite a bit of trash. The trash did not bother my daughter as she happily focused on all the good things, so I did, too. One reason I love this beach is the abundance of shells and the low height of the waves. My daughter is not scared at all of the water, and it is warm enough for her to enjoy. She had a great morning of it.

The street fair was a stroke of luck. We just needed to get out of the house before dinner time to combat the crankiness that was building. I had to pick up my bike from getting a tune up, so we walked to the bike store. On the way, we encountered a very nice arts street fair with a Brazilian drumming group performing as we walked up. We walked the stalls, saw nice local art, and distracted the kids for a while from their growing tiredness. Mission accomplished.

Looking for things to do and making sure to see the good things is important, but so is the spontaneous decision to go somewhere and enjoy what is there. Recently we have been doing that and have been amply rewarded.

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