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News From the Garden

The raised bed continues to produce. So far, it has been prolific with the peas, and the volunteer squash has required thinning as it blossoms like mad. The row of beets and carrots should now be ready for harvesting, so we pulled a few on Saturday. Such great colors. My daughter loved grasping the stems and lifting food from the soil. The carrots are eaten, and the beets have joined those from the farm share in the fridge.

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Feeling Blue(berries!)

Not feeling blue at all, actually. The garden looks great, the yard looks great, and it was fun hanging out there on Monday afternoon with the kids. Admittedly, changing the tire of my car twice and cleaning up after a shredded diaper were no treat, but sitting on the back porch blowing bubbles, investigating how ripe the blueberries have gotten, and planting my daughter’s bean sprouts from school in the midst of a rampant growth of squash, peas, carrots, and beets made for a good day.

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Garden Check In

We left for the weekend, and the garden was doing fine. We came back, and it seemed to be a jungle. The peas sported delicate white flowers, the volunteer squash are threatening to take over the world, and the beets have really leafed out. Even the carrots seem to be standing taller. One batch of lettuce is peeking out from behind some squash leaves. The only major casualty thus far has been the sunflowers that turned into someone’s snack and the one blueberry bush that just gave up. With five others going strong, I think that is fine. Yay for much greenness in our garden.

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Fits and Starts

Monday, another full day with the kids, I spent the morning waiting for and then watching the furnace repairman do repairs on the downstairs furnace. It is so nice to find someone who is not trying to sell us a bill of goods. He does good work and charges a fair price. My son enjoyed watching the whole thing.

In the afternoon, I knocked off a few projects with my daughter. She understands that if she puts something on my desk right in front of my monitors, it is more likely to get done. After that, we started some lettuce and tomato seeds. My daughter’s school has a birthday tradition that the birthday child hands out flowers to her classmates and teachers. I thought it would be neat to give a seedling instead, and my daughter jumped right on board with that idea.

When my son woke up from his afternoon nap, we went into the back yard, and I planted a row of carrot seeds while the two of them played with a toy car that their saba gave them. We all got some good outdoors time in. The kids had a blast watering the raised bed. I can’t wait to see how they both react when the seeds actually start sprouting.

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In a Pickling State of Mind

What to do with vastly too many veggies from our farmshare? Make far too many pickles!

My wife does not like pickles, and nor do my kids. I do, but I can’t possibly go through 12 quarts of pickles before they go bad. I did not go all out for the sterilized canning, so these will last ten days to two weeks. Hopefully they are good enough to serve at our baby sitting co-op get together this weekend. If they are good, then I will hand them out to people who like them.

These pickles have ginger, mustard, and many other flavors including standards such as dill. Veggies include beets, beans, carrots, cucumbers, onions, and garlic scapes. I also added eggs because I absolutely love pickled eggs.

I didn’t include my daughter in this project for a couple of reasons. Mainly, I got to it after she went to bed. Also, much of the prep was cutting veggies and pouring heavy pots of hot liquid. I am pretty tired after doing this, and I think it would have been overly arduous for her, turning something fun into something unpleasant. It’s hard to know where that line is, and with a project like this, I’d like to get through it without having to stop in the middle. We have plenty of projects to do, however, and my daughter has no shortage of imagination to think of more. Recently, she has been saying she wants to make soft puppets. Let’s go find the cloth and other materials.

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How the Garden Grows

In Boston, we have had a stretch of cold, rainy weather. Many people gripe about it, but I see it in several ways. First, this is New England, and this is the weather that is normal. If I get bent out of shape by it being how it normally is, I am setting myself for being bent out of shape on a regular basis. Another way of looking at the cool, rainy weather is from the perspective of being out in it and observing what it does. The plants love it, the birds sing loudly in it, and the earth surges with life. For this, I love the cool and the rain.

And my garden loves it, too! Strangely, the peas are not thriving this year, but I am sure we will get something from them. The beets and carrots look like they’ll put something out. We might get five or six beets. The corn and sunflowers are growing very nicely. We have ornamental corn and strawberry popcorn growing. I am excited for those, and so is my daughter. These are seeds she selected at the store, and she regularly stops in to see how the plants are growing.  Also, some plant grew out of the compost I put in the ground, so I am letting it grow. I think it will be some sort of squash or melon. We’ll see.

The beets have gorgeous leaves

The peas are flowering











The corn grows tall

So do the sunflowers. Need to tie them up soon.












Frilly carrot tops!

Who is this?


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